• Printer only or multifunction (print/copy/scan) system with integrated scanner
  • Integrated Top Delivery Tray (neatly collates and stacks up to 100 E-size plots)
  • Proven core technologies from Canon deliver superior productivity
  • 4 or 6 roll media capability (up to 650 feet per roll)
New Features!*
  • ClearConnect walk-up interface (intuitive multitouch control)
  • Single footprint (integrated Scanner Express IV)
  • Cloud-integrated workflow option (scan to/print from cloud)
  • Improved cooling system (supports higher print volume and longer runs)
  • Optional Operator Attention Light (monitor printer status from a distance)
  • Faster POWERsync controller hardware (avg. 43% faster CPU vs. predecessor)
  • Microsoft Windows 10 LTSC IoT Enterprise (controller OS)
  • New set of Security Features
  • Standardized security features, including AES 256 data encryption, secure boot, and Access Management user authentication enabled
  • Optional McAfee Application control (whitelisting)
  • Energy Star® 3.0 compliant
  • New cabinet colors (Titanium White with Damson Black trim)

* vs. PlotWave 750 Printing System

For complex technical document print jobs, it is important that your printer produces impressive results every time. Designed for CAD professionals, the PlotWave 7500 printer makes printing large format documents easy with its intuitive touchscreen interface. Intelligent automation utilizes the power under the hood and tunes it to support high performance. Robust security features help safeguard your data. 


Security is critical in today’s office environment. Your data, your working environment, and your results are in safe hands with the PlotWave series.


Help protect your data during the print process phases. When the data is in transit, it is protected by secure, encrypted protocols. When at rest, your data is encrypted. Since a printer is typically not used as a long-term data storage solution, data shredding and proper deleting protocols help make deletion secure. There is also an option for a removable hard drive. Robust user authentication helps provide document security for users and activity control for budget managers. Hack prevention helps guard against malicious intrusion. All of these security measures have been built with the longterm in mind.


Radiant Fusing technology prevents print resolution loss, dot size degradation, and line fuzziness since the toner melts exactly where it is placed on the media. Achieve professional results with the integrated Scanner Express: Image Logic boosts readable details in the scanned file by helping to reduce creases and paper folds in the scanned original.


The PlotWave series is a good office companion. With low noise levels and low heat emissions, they are perfect for office environments. The toner system is completely closed.

The ClearConnect user interface tilts and swivels for ergonomic comfort. In addition, the PlotWave series is environmentally friendly. Radiant Fusing technology helps to
ensure low power consumption, and the system is ENERGY STAR certified.


The PlotWave series is built to help withstand intensive use and safeguard your productivity, not just today, but long into the future. The POWERsync controller is based on Windows 10 IoT OS for long-term support.

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