RTK Base Station Network

The RTK Base Station Network is a subscription based, real-time GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) Reference Network that provides high quality GNSS correction data to subscribers. This regional system supplies data to all makes of network-capable rovers in the field being used for land surveying, construction, GIS utility mapping, and agricultural applications throughout the region. The RTK corrections collected by each reference station are streamed and synced across the secure, online accessible network.

We have partnered with Topcon on their innovative TopNETlive GNSS network data correction service. Their robust infrastructure is managed, operated, and monitored by Topcon Network and Geodesy Teams. DiCarlo Precision Instrument works closely with Topcon for our regional network to ensure subscribers always have high quality, real-time data, and full coverage.

Why should I get an RTK subscription?

The benefits of an RTK base station network subscription.

Cuts Prep Time
Shortens preparation and setup time, streamlining GPS surveying in the field.
Low Cost Option
No costly base station setup needed. You pay an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual fee for the use of our service.
Easily Accessible
Quickly access the network through a cellular modem connection and get data faster.
Stay up and running
24/7 consistent, reliable access.

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