Large Format Scanning

Whether it's a book, photos, artwork, or documents, we have a perfect solution for your large format scanning needs.

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Image Access WideTEK 12" Flatbed

Big Features with a Tiny Footprint.

Image Access WideTek 25" Flatbed

World's most compact DINA2 flatbed scanner with 3D scanning.

CZUR M3000 Pro Book Scanner

Revolutionary Book Scanning Solution

Image Access Bookeye 5

Small enough to sit on any desk or workspace!

Image Access Bookeye 4 V3

Largest scan bed, small footprint.

Image Access WideTEK 36"

Wide format scanning at its finest.

Image Access WideTek 44"

Widest color gamut in the industry.

Image Access WideTek 48"

Wide format scanning and secure job management for production.

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