Pre-Owned 3D Scanner Packages

Boost Your Toolkit with a FARO 3D Scanner – Where Precision Meets Efficiency.

Explore our extensive selection of pre-owned FARO 3D laser scanning tools and accessories, perfect for those diving into 3D scanning for the first time or looking to expand their toolkit. Reach out now for our high-quality, gently used FARO 3D laser scanners.
Each unit has had one previous owner, ensuring quality and care. Our comprehensive packages include all the original accessories in the hard case: a photography tripod, tripod adapter, two batteries, and the scanner itself, providing everything you need to jumpstart your 3D scanning journey.

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FARO® Core 70

Fast colorized scans that best balances speed, accuracy and price.

FARO® Focus S-70

Ultra-portable, straightforward, and highly accurate.

FARO® Focus S-150+

Built to safeguard against intrusions such as dirt, dust, fog, and rain.

FARO® Focus S-150+ Automation-Ready

Future-proof your 3D scanning!

FARO® Focus S-350

The Most Compact Lightweight and Intuitive Laser Scanner Product Line

FARO® Focus S-350+ Automation-Ready

Built tough and ready for future automation.

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