• Get instant startup and use half the energy of comparable systems.
  • Fast first printout from cold sleep to print-in-hand in less than 40 seconds.
  • Print Speed:
    • PlotWave 5000: 8-D/A1-sizes2 per minute; 4-E/A0 sizes3 per minute
    • PlotWave 5500: 10-D/A1-sizes2 per minute; 5-E/A0 sizes3 per minute
  • Low sound levels and heat compared to conventional fusing systems which operate on heat and pressure rollers and fans.
  • Helps increase productivity even more with the second roll option for multiple width rolls or longer unattended printing.
  • Closed toner system is easy to refill with no clumsy toner cartridges to unscrew or spill; Toner can be added while printing.
  • Up to 650-foot roll length for maximum efficiency.
  • Built-in roll loading station in each drawer.
  • Media is auto-fed into the printer and roll width is auto-detected, then displayed on the ClearConnect touchscreen display.
  • Touchscreen with multitouch gestures for tablet/smartphone-like interaction.
  • Superb print quality with high-resolution Pico Printing at 600 x 1200 dpi.
  • Integrated Top Delivery Tray neatly stacks and collates up to 100 E-size/A0 plots.
  • Optional Stacker Select provides additional 400-sheet (E-size/A0) capacity.

For complex technical document print jobs, it is important that your printer produces impressive results every time. Designed for CAD professionals, the PlotWave 5000/5500 printer makes printing large format documents easy with its intuitive touchscreen interface. Intelligent automation utilizes the power under the hood and tunes it to support high performance. Robust security features help safeguard your data. 

  • Embedded intelligence and exceptional simplicity.
  • Access and print your latest revisions from your home folder, cloud, or local network, or use the intuitive copying and scanning features available on the walk-up touchscreen interface. This printer enables you to print only the files in your own inbox, which is essential for project groups.
  • Virtually no warm-up time means users can quickly print and collect their own confidential documents.
  • Accurate, live print previews enable you to check the effect of your print settings immediately. This supports peace of mind and helps avoid costly, time-wasting misprints. Standardize your workflow and efficiently repeat jobs with easy-to-create scan templates.
  • Printing from many locations and sources is supported.
  • Preview and print files from your mobile phone or tablet.
  • Submit print files directly from the web. 

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