Training Seminars

We frequently hold in-person training sessions on the equipment we sell and rent to keep you "in the know" and up to speed, allowing you to do your job swifter and with more precision. Full-blown technical knowledge seminars and simple refreshers, we do it all.
What can I get training on?
  • Survey instruments & software
  • 3D scanners & software
  • UAV systems
You name it, there's a training solution for you. We provide personalized one-on-one training, crew training, and project-focused training.
Where is training held?

Training sessions can be held in the classroom or onsite at your location. Some trainings can even occur via webinar. All in-person classroom trainings are held at our Technical Development Center, located behind our main office at 2006 Northwood Drive in Salisbury, MD.

Need something specific?

Need training on something specific? Or interested in a new product and want to learn more? No worries! We're always accepting new ideas for training classes!

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Upcoming Training Classes

Scroll through our available upcoming courses below.

"Flat, level or plumb?" Let us show you how we can help take the guesswork out of construction quality control to analyze your Point Cloud. With BuildIT Construction, we'll guide you through running ASTM 1155 and DIN 18202 Floor Flatness Analysis, as well as analyzing your walls for plumbness. We will also demo BuildIT Construction to show how to run analysis.

Free Webinar  $0.00

TWO DAYS - JUNE 11th, 18th.

Required: 2 years of FARO scanning experience or a DiCarlo Precision FARO in person or online Level 1 training class. 

Scanning effectively using the FARO FLASH with the FARO Premium Scanner, best practices, when to use it. Refining registration using the new Interactive Registration. Reviewing what happens after scanning. Using Augmented reality to quickly find and document flatness variations in floors.
Price  $195.00
DiCarlo Precision Training Center

Learn the necessities of remote pilot flying from instructor and commercial airline pilot Scott Strimple at our upcoming FAA Part 107 prep course. He will be training on basic and advanced drone piloting techniques to help you get ready for the FAA's Remote Pilot Test!

Per Seat:  $895.00

Join us for an exciting online event where you will learn all about FARO Orbis and how it can benefit your team. This webinar will provide a comprehensive overview of the features and capabilities of FARO Orbis and Connect Software, a cutting-edge 3D scanning solution that revolutionizes your work.

Discover how FARO Orbis can take your projects to the next level. Register now to secure your spot!

Per Seat:  $0.00

I need training!

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