•    64 bit Linux based computer, fast and virus protected 
•    Routable, easy integration into existing network structures 
•    Only a single IP address is required to run the scanner
•    Integration and remote access via the Intranet or even the Internet 
•    Scans directly to SMB, FTP, hot folders, USB, Email or the Cloud 
•    All hardware and software built in, no need for external PCs
•    Simple, intuitive operation via full HD touchscreen 
•    Clear menu structure, help files build in
•    Multilanguage support, customizable user interface 
The Scan2Net® platform is the technological foundation of all WideTEK® and Bookeye® scanners from Image Access. It replaces the proprietary scanner drivers and software that traditional scanners require with the fastest common, nonproprietary inter-device connection available: TCP/IP over Ethernet. With network interface speeds much higher than USB 3.0 or camera link, Scan2Net® devices are able to reach unrivaled performance at extremely low connectivity cost. Scan2Net® scanners feature a 64 bit Linux based real time operating system, dedicated to scanner specific imaging and mechanical control tasks, maximizing scanning speeds and performance. 

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