• Job site ready
  • Lightweight, compact body
  • RED-tech technology reflectorless EDM
  • Long-range Bluetooth® technology
  • Advanced angle measurement system
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Waterproof / dustproof IP65 rating design handles the toughest environments
  • Metal chassis and heavy-duty handle
  • Standard usage temperature range of -20 to 50°C

The FX series total station from Sokkia is ready for whatever you are. This professional-grade advanced total station provides an on-board data collection interface, long-range communication, and an incredibly powerful EDM. Like all of our solutions, you can customize it to meet your needs and create your own workflows.

RED-tech technology reflectorless EDM
  • Fast distance measurement of 0.9 s regardless of object
  • Pinpoint precision in reflectorless distance measurement
  • Reflectorless operation from 30 cm to 500 m
  • Coaxial EDM beam and laser-pointer provide fast and accurate aiming
  • Ensures accuracy even with reflective sheets

Precise positioning

The FX series features our best-in-class absolute encoders that provide long-term reliability in any job site condition. Dual-axis compensator ensures stable measurements even when set up on uneven terrain. And our traditional motion clamp and tangent screw are employed to ensure stable angle measurement.

The FX-101 and FX-102 models feature groundbreaking IACS (Independent Angle Calibration System) technology for extremely reliable angle measurement.

On-board control

Increase your productivity with the Windows on-board operating system and touchscreen computer. The large, bright screen provides enough resolution to view points, lines, and icons so you can see and react quicker. And you can move your projects along faster by being able to do point collection, description entry, and on-screen calculations right on the instrument.

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