• Universal Tracking Channel technology
  •  Advanced Fence Antenna™ technology
  •  Compact, lightweight, rugged and cable free design
  • Fully integrated LongLink™ and cellular configuration (optional)
  • Dual SIM card support

With the HiPer SR, made in the USA means that you don’t have to sacrifice durability and performance to have a versatile 3D job site system. HiPer SR – a compact lightweight receiver that is built to take the most intense environmental conditions and job site punishment.

In addition to ruggedness, the HiPer SR is the most versatile, configurable, compact receiver system available. Use just two units in many configurations, depending on the demands of the project site. Use as a job site base and rover with interference-free LongLink communication up to 300 m or base and rover with MAGNET Relay cellular communication RTK up to 35 km baselines.

A pair of HiPer SR receivers can also be used with internal SIM cards as network rovers with Topcon TopNETlive GNSS Reference Network, two network rovers with internet capable field controllers, two dual frequency static receivers, or in conjunction with a robotic instrument for Hybrid Positioning. All these configurations from just two receivers that can fit into any laptop carrying bag.

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