• Project merging / splitting
  • Detailed quality report
  • Error ellipsoid displaying MTP/GCPs accuracy in 3D
  • Rolling shutter correction
  • Scale and orientation constraint
  • Image masking for disregarding invalid pixels among all images
  • Volume management for stockpile or earthwork inventory
  • Object creation and digitization
  • Tiled Level-of-Detail (LoD) mesh
  • Import LIDAR point clouds for DSM generation
  • Automatic DTM generation
  • Orthoplane for creating orthomosaic of any plane/facade
  • Radiometric adjustment to generate accurate index and thermal maps
  • Custom indices for raster computation based on reflectance values
  • Multi-core CPU processing
  • GPU-accelerated processing
  • Fly through video
  • Reduce field time and overall surveying time
  • Easily measure surface, distance, volume, and elevation
  • Integrate photogrammetry surveying into your current workflow
  • Data assessment and improved accuracy using the most advanced photogrammetry software
  • Great solution for surveying, construction, agriculture, public safety, mining, and inspection.
  • Easily export your digital maps and models to industry-compatible formats for further analysis or reporting.

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