Data Processing and Ownership

Local processing in FARO Connect equals repeatable processing as often as you need, with complete ownership of the data. Alternatively,
you can upload point cloud data to the optional FARO Sphere XG Cloud service for more synchronous collaboration with other stakeholders.
Flexible processing and storage, without third-party ownership for secure and transparent collaboration.

Automatic Georeferencing

Incorporate reflective targets or control points into your workflow to automatically georeference point cloud data within FARO Connect. The software automatically detects surveyed reflective targets at known control and uses the target positions to localize the point cloud into a real-world location. Alternatively, place the scanner on a known control point for a brief period and the information will be stored within the point cloud.

Automatic Point Cloud Colorization

Use the integrated camera on Orbis to capture panoramic images and achieve RGB colorization of your point cloud data within Connect. With a single automated workflow, Connect will process your data, create panoramic photos, position the images over your point cloud and colorize the dataset.

Automatic Data Filtering

Connect has a range of automatic filtering tools to help you get the best results from your point cloud data. These include outlier removal, surface noise reduction and removal of transient points to improve the final data output. The filtering tools are within Connect and can be applied automatically to any dataset.

Your ultimate desktop solution for seamless management of point cloud and image data. Leverage our industry-leading SLAM algorithm to process and visualize point clouds and elevate your workflows through automation tools that streamline tasks. Elevate your experience with Orbis through FARO Connect, redefining how you work with precision and efficiency.

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