Accelerate the Project: Utilizing complete digital 3D scans, quickly and easily perform construction QA/QC analysis, reducing prolonged hours of manual validation to mere minutes.

Minimize the Waste: Perform routine quality checks throughout the build process to detect errors at every stage of the project lifecycle and reduce expensive scrap and rework.

Measure with Confidence: Conduct your analysis using an established platform derived from 20 years of proven expertise in delivering best in class measurement solutions to the manufacturing industry.

Accelerate Daily Work: Avoid manual, time consuming repetition of individual steps with automated processes from importing of 3D data to reporting on various tasks and projects.

In addition to measuring aspects such as floor flatness, levelness and wall plumbness, BuildIT Construction enables accurate comparisons to the original design files or Building Information Model (BIM) documentation, tank deformation analysis, including as-built positional changes to floors, steel beams, walls, columns, windows and doors. This ensures that the actual building is being constructed to the correct specifications and as a result allows construction professionals to detect errors at every stage of the project lifecycle and reduce expensive scrap and rework. 

Integrate FARO Focus Laser Scanners, Laser Trackers and Tracer Laser Projectors with BuildIT Construction to avoid rework and reduce scrap in your construction projects. By avoiding rework, building costs can be reduced by approximately 50%. Perform accurate full measurements continuously throughout the build process and immediately find discrepancies. Such early detection enables architects and contractors to produce higher quality projects while saving time and money since errors are minimized and rework cost is subsequently reduced.

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