• Increased hardware capability
  • Increased virtual memory & ability to work with large sets of data
  • Larger screen size & more convenient touch screen usage
  • More processing & graphic power (with aerial photo overlays)
  • Save directly to an Esri geodatabase with no import/export
  • File formats compatible with Carlson office products (.fld, .flc, etc.)
  • Import of MicroStation .dgn files and Import/Export of AutoCAD .dwg files is possible. Output to Excel for simple data management.

There has always been a large gap between land surveyors and GIS Data professionals. Shape files were for a long time the only link between these professions. Now through Carlson SurvPC it is possible for the land surveyor, through a familiar interface, to work with Esri® data without conversions or data loss.

Total freedom in hardware choice

It has never been easier to create your own configuration of software and hardware. Carlson SurvPC supports a wide range of instruments; RTK GNSS receivers, Total Stations, rangefinders or even a Sonar for hydrographic surveys. Choose your own platform; a robust tablet for the field or a powerful laptop for the office.

User Interface

Carlson SurvPC is designed for field use under all conditions. Simple interfaces and a large virtual keyboard, has made entering data even easier.

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