• Dramatically reduce the alignment time with ScanAlign: ScanAlign is a feature of the Tracer which turns finding and measuring retro-targets into a one-click step. There's absolutely no user intervention - it automatically aligns to retro-targets by scanning a pre-defined region, reducing the need for the operator to manually go in and measure each point during the process. It saves an incredible amount of time and money when incorporated into the manufacturing floor workflow. Take for example one organization that manufactures large poles. This company spent two hours per pole for a total of four manufactured per day. With four Tracer alignments per pole, that meant 16 alignments per day. 
  • 3D CAD-based Virtual Templating: Use virtual templating in a variety of manufacturing applications.
  • Exceptional Projection Accuracy: Project with accuracy of 0.25 mm (0.010 in.) at 4.6 m (15 ft.).
  • Workflow Automation: Use Tracer Laser Projectors with BuildIT Metrology Software and BuildIT Projector Software to automate workflow.
  • Long-range Projection: Achieve accurate, variable and long-range projection (up to 15.2 m).
  • Advanced Trajectory Control (ATC): Ensure fast projection, superior dynamic accuracy and rapid refresh with minimized flicker.
  • Multi-projector Array: Operate several laser projectors from a single workstation; ideal for large assemblies and space-constrained areas.
  • Rugged, Reliable Design: Work with the protection of the device’s dust-sealed industrial enclosure and active thermal management.

Advanced Laser Imaging Features Exclusive to the Tracer Laser Projector

  • Feature-based (Targetless) Alignment: Align projections to checkerboard targets or compare known features of an object to the CAD model for an alignment process that’s faster and easier, eliminating the time and effort of setting up targets for projection.
  • In-process Verification: Verify work at quality-assurance checkpoints during and after critical assembly processes.
  • Foreign Object and Debris (FOD) Detection: Gain even greater quality assurance.
Virtual templating with Tracer Laser Projectors eliminates all these problems. They project a laser outline onto a 3D surface or object that operators can use to quickly and accurately sequence work and position components. Use Tracer Laser Projectors to position and verify part placement, sequence and guide composite ply layup, and perform visual verification and paint masking. Enhance your yield and eliminate assembly errors.
  • Improve Quality: Minimize operator variations during assembly with accurate guidance and standardized workflows.
  • Lower Costs: Eliminate physical templates and reduce scrap and rework from manufacturing errors.
  • Increase Throughput: Reduce time for setup, layout and assembly.
  • Boost Revenue Generation: Accelerate engineering change orders (ECOs) onto the production floor.

Applications & Industries

  • Shipbuilding, Marine and Railway Construction
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Automotive and Heavy Equipment
  • Construction and Rigging; templating for pre-fabrication
  • Composites

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