• Intel® Cockpit™ Ground Control Station (GCS)
  • Designed for stability (balanced V-shape)
  • Built-in fail-safes (3 autopilots and redundancy)
  • Top-quality data with best in class sensors

Offering flexibility in tight spaces and challenging environments, the Intel Falcon 8+ Drone – Topcon Edition uses bestin-class sensors, active vibration damping and an actively compensating camera mount. The Intel Falcon 8+ Drone – Topcon Edition Inspection Package can be used for multiple types of inspection projects that require high-resolution imaging. The Mapping Package is well-suited for multi-hectare (multi-acre) projects.

Inspection Package

The Inspection Package payload consists of the Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS50 for true color RGB images and the FLIR Tau 2 640 for infrared imaging. Operators can perform close-up inspections to detect millimeter damage, fine hairline cracks, leaks or heat power losses. The hybrid RGB + 14-Bit RAW data inspection payload combines a near-infrared camera with a high-resolution digital camera mounted in parallel.

Mapping Package

The Mapping Package is an innovative solution for small mapping projects and volume calculations. High-resolution geo-referenced aerial images can be taken from various heights within set GPS tolerances and offer a complement to conventional methods. The Mapping Package includes a 36 megapixel RGB camera (Sony Alpha 7R) and delivers orthophotos or 3D models in Topcon ContextCapture software, powered by Bentley

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