With Stream and Sphere together, registration starts in the field and processing is performed in the cloud while the scan operator is driving back to the office. This allows off-site colleagues to already work on the data or share it with end-customers via FARO WebShare Software, the world’s leading collaborative point cloud project management solution. Additionally, Sphere leverages WebShare to integrate three customer service platforms: Knowledge Base, which provides technical product information, FARO Support, which provides 24-7 personalized service, and FARO Academy, which provides on-demand and live training and education programs.


A little about Stream

Faro Stream is the first mobile app that connects FARO hardware with FARO Sphere cloud-based applications and services. By uniting hardware with cloud software, Stream makes on-site capture workflows more efficient and brings captured data directly into the FARO ecosystem. It does so by providing live feedback of the captured scans while performing its pre-registration function. Stream provides the best on-site efficiency for data capture with the Focus Premium scanner for scan operations in architecture, engineering, construction and facility management. Now, users can be confident in the successful and complete scan data they collect in real-time, confident that no additional site visits will be required because of missing data and confident in radically expedited project finalization times as Stream and Sphere are already doing some of the work automatically while a Focus Premium operator is returning from the field. Premium also allows the ability to include complementary data like field annotations and photographic images to the project after a scan is complete.

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