The S Series Focus laser scanners feature the highest accuracy and range by using a combination of the most advanced sensor technologies.

  • Includes Accessory Bay to connect versatile accessories to the scanner
  • Intuitive and easy to operate touch-screen interface
  • Onsite compensation
  • Onsite Registration
  • IP Rating 54
  • Extended Temperature Range from -20°C to 55°C
  • Distance accuracy 0.6-70mm
  • Color resolution up to 165-megapixel color
  • 300° field of view
  • 97Hz (vertical) scan speed
The ultra-portable Focus S-70 enables fast, straightforward and ultra-high accurate measurements of objects and buildings. It records architectural façades, complex structures, production and supply facilities, accident sites, and large-volume components delivering realistic and true-to-detail scan results with a range of 70m per scan.

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