• Automation ready Range: 0.6 – 350m
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR) photo recording 2x/3x/5x
  • Measurement speed: up to 976,000 points per second/up to 2 million points per second (350 Plus)
  • Ranging error: ± 1mm
  • Sealed design – Ingress Protection (IP) Rating Class 54
  • On-site compensation
  • On-Site registration (with FARO SCENE)
  • Scan Group Feature (rescanning of distant targets in higher resolution)
  • Digital hashing function
  • Retake Photo Option
  • Accessory Bay
  • Angular Accuracy: 19 arcsec for vertical/horizontal angles
  • Integrated color camera: Up to 165 mio. pixel
  • Laser class: Laser class 1
  • Multi-Sensor: GPS, Compass, Height Sensor, Dual Axis Compensator
  • Size: 230 x 183 x 103mm
  • Scanner control: via touchscreen display and WLAN
When you're ready, the Automation ready series of 3D scanners allows you to place the scanner on a moving object for mobile scanning. Car, boat, truck, drone, helicopter, etc. If it can hold the scanner and a couple small attachments, then you will be mobile scanning!

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